1 year ago….

When your child that is already whingier than most has tonsillitis…it does not make for happy times…

I have spent my entire day being bossed around left right and centre for urgent demands that she then changes her mind about 4 seconds later…

She cried for 40 minutes because she wanted a bowl of plain tuna! I told her that was a hideous idea..but eventually couldn’t stand my ears bleeding anymore…

with the very clicking sound of the tuna can opening she announces that she ‘hates’ tuna! Who knew??

Obviously she threw a bit of tuna around the place to ensure that my house smells a bit more like a land fill site than it already does..

It is beyond me how someone who has cried for the majority of the day because their throat is so painful still manages to constantly shout and boss me around!

Is it acceptable to drop kick the patient?


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