Dangerous Dave meets Sherlock Gnomes

Pre-screening tickets of a kids film sounds perfect on an incredibly miserable and rainy Saturday morning….. right up until you remember that probably involves actually taking some actual kids along with you….

Still…you have a word with yourself and decide that it’s the right thing to do and you’d probably look a bit of a weirdo with no kids in-tow. Having loved Gnomeo and Juliet we were looking forward to seeing Sherlock Gnomes!

With the boys at football, Dangerous Dave requests that her bezzie and her Mum come along with us. They were excited…until around roughly 4 seconds after leaving the house….We normally opt for the more local, budget cinema…but today we are making the 12 mile journey to @ShowcaseCinemas Leicester for a bit more luxury…. i mean…it even says it in the name ‘Showcase Cinema De Lux’. You would think we were travelling to Timbuktu for the amount of whining taking place…..

Losing the will to live we promise that it will be worth it for the luxury reclining seats, the sharp and bright image quality, multi-dimensional sound and Supersized Xplus screen. Obviously this is completely wasted on two 4 year olds that are both crying because “she is looking at me”!!! So instead we plead that the slightly longer journey would be worth it as it’s comfy, bright, loud and has a giant TV (and if you shut up and listen to the film we will ply you with snacks!!)

You can instantly notice the difference with Showcase cinemas, so much more leg room (harder for the people in front to be repeatedly booted in the back!) Also far easier to get up and down to the toilet for the token 20 wees during the film! The seats are so much more comfy than where we normally go and much better for the kids, they don’t do that annoying thing of flicking up and flipping the kids off! Still….unless the people in front saw their ears off they can’t completely escape the wrath of 2 demanding 4 year olds.

We did the panic googling of the film length with that sickening feeling that there are not enough snacks on the planet to keep them quiet for a full film! 1 hour 26 mins seemed like a big ask as they bickered their way into the cinema, helping themselves to a giant bag of peanut m&m’s on the way in (we did put them back…promise!) They were really inconspicuous with their fluorescent pink brolly up inside!! I always waste my time with the obligatory chat about ‘whispering’ in the cinema, which was closely followed by Dangerous Dave shouting “why are all these stupid people here too?” #floggingadeadhorse

I thought that Sherlock Gnomes may involve too much of a complicated story line for a child and suspected it may not keep the attention of a 4 year old. In my amazement they both sat and watched the entire film. They only said they were hungry 342 times…which I’m sure was an improvement in our last cinema trip 🙈. The film did have a lot of content and lots of references to Sherlock Holmes for the adults, but it was easy to follow and funny for the kids! The Mankini Gnome was a particular favourite, lots of laugh out loud moments! Most definitely worth a watch, out in UK cinemas on 11th May, and for any adults that want to watch…if you need to borrow any children, please give me a shout! (You won’t know you’ve got them!) Ps…go to the cinema with the comfy seats and the giant TV 😉

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